Wednesday, May 06, 2009

London Book Fair

A few weeks ago I flew across the pond to speak at the London Book Fair. The panel* I was on focused on books and marketing in an online world. I talked about how traditional marketing is seen as just spam when it comes onto social networking sites (the "hi, want to be my friend? buy my book!" posts endear no one), and how authors need to genuinely participate and become part of the community online.

On LibraryThing, there are a number of ways for authors and publishers to become involved. I talked about Early Reviewers, of course, but also Author Chats, LibraryThing Local (add upcoming readings!), and our (upcoming) author interviews.

I spent the rest of the fair walking around to publisher booths, inviting them to join Early Reviewers. We have a majority of the big publishers in the US participating, but only a handful in the rest of the world. Part of this trip was to attempt to remedy that, one country at a time (if LibraryThing wants to fund an Abby world tour, that's fine by me)! I talked to many UK publishers, and hopefully we'll see some books available to more countries on the Early Reviewers lists soon!

And, of course, London was great fun. I'd only ever been to England on layovers before (meaning, I'd been to Heathrow, but not beyond the airport walls!). In the evenings I played tourist and walked all over the city. I only went inside a few places, but the highlight was definitely the underground The Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms.

*See Lance Fensterman's (my fellow panelist and director of BookExpo America) post about the panel here, and the moderator, Chad Post's here.

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Blogger Ī£mpire said...

That does sound like it was a lot of fun. Good show!

5/06/2009 12:08 PM  
Anonymous GeraniumCat said...

Glad you enjoyed London! I really hope more UK publishers start contributing books for Early Reviewers, it's frustrating to rush to look at the list and find there aren't many books available to us here. I've really enjoyed reading and reviewing the books I've received.

5/07/2009 8:49 AM  
Anonymous edwinbcn said...

I wish all these books would be visible in a location (other than the blog post), and then clicking them would take you to a review or at least the work page.

Now clicking them takes you to a page where you may request them.

Later on in the process it is very difficult to retrieve title + review (if any was written).

5/17/2009 2:05 PM  

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