Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flash-Mob Cataloging

I've just created a group dedicated to Flash-Mob Cataloging. Flash-Mob Cataloging is when a horde of LibraryThing members descend on some small library with laptops and CueCat barcode scanners, catalog their books in LibraryThing, eat some pizza, talk some talk and leave them with a gleaming new LibraryThing catalog.

Why do it? There are many small libraries that use LibraryThing as their online catalog--museums, organizations, churches, schools, synagogues, temples, even some embassies! It's an easy cheap solution to library automation. (More on organizational LibraryThing accounts here.) And having a flash-mob do the cataloging makes it easy and fun to do the data entry! Emphasis on the fun, trust me.

We've done two so far (Rhode Island Audubon Society and St. John's Church in Beverly MA), to great success. Both were in New England because, well, that's where the most LibraryThing employees are located. But the concept isn't limited by location! Anyone can organize one--hence, the new Flash-Mob Cataloging group. So come join us and plan your own flash-mob event. We'll help you get organized, blog it for you so you can get the word out, and we'll even send you some CueCats, tshirts, and laptop stickers to give away.

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Blogger esta1923 said...

Both yesterday and today when I tried to see the flashmob pictures my computer refused. "safari quit" it said. Has this happened to anyone else?

2/27/2009 12:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got the option to "watch" this group, but not to join it. Is there a secret handshake? Do you have to have already participated in one to join?

3/17/2009 4:05 PM  

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